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Electrical Forklifts

Electrical forklifts

Electrical forklift Piccolo


EV687 PICCOLO and EV687.1 PICCOLO + universal lifting vehicles for transportation and stacking of palletized goods in storage conditions, at railway stations, ports, airports, for warehouses or inter-workshop transport.

Electric forklifts are adapted for operation in a temperate climatic zone with an ambient temperature interval from -25 C to +40 C, in explosion-proof and fire-proof rooms.

New modifications of EV 687, already familiar on international markets, differ with:

  • modern design – an original combination of avant-garde form, compactness and good style.
  • high maneuverability due to minimized overall dimensions and reliability.
  • ergonomics – optimal conditions have been created for the driver to work with reasonably selected ergonomic parameters.
Type Capacity [kg] Lifting Height [mm]
EV 687
2200 / 3300 / 4000 / 4500
EV 687.1

Electrical forklift Compact

Electric fork lift trucks COMPACT (1250 kg-2500 kg) 

Classic trend in our production list. Electric industrial trucks are notable for their clear and simple design. The operator’s compartment provides easy access to all controls, excellent visibility and comfort of operation. Electric forklift trucks “Compact” – universal forklift truck for transporting and stacking palletized cargo in ports, warehouses, airports, for internal and external spaces. Electrical forklifts COMPACT are adapted for operation in temperate interval from -25 to +40 environment.

Type Capacity [kg] Lifting Height [mm]
EV 695
2800 / 3300 / 4000 / 4200 / 4500
EV 698
EV 715
EV 720

Electric fork lift trucks COMPACT E.AC (1250 kg-2500 kg) 

3- and 4- wheels electric forklifts with dual AC drive motors 

With exceptional travel and lift speeds, plus excellent acceleration and gradeability these electric trucks produce handling performance similar to that of diesel and LPG forklifts. Enclosed motors and electronic systems make it possible to operate these vehicles inside as
well as outdoors. Even difficult environments, such as heavy dust, chemicals and moisture, will not affect the reliability and performance of the motors. These AC electric forklift trucks can, therefore, be used almost anywhere. Whisper-quiet, emission-free operation benefits the working environment and the low rate of energy consumption reduces operating costs. 
Type Capacity [kg] Lifting Height [mm]
E.AC 312
3000 / 3300 / 3700 / 4000 / 4200 /4500 / 4800 / 5200 / 5600 / 6200
E.AC. 316
E.AC 318
Electrical Forklifts
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