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Compact Series

Ergonomic indicators
The driver’s workplace corresponds and is provided for excellent visibility and convenience in the management and handling of loads. The seat is ergonomic with spring suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers and adjustable in two directions. The pedals are arranged in a car order.

Welded construction of steel profiles, reinforced with crossbeams, ensuring reliable fastening of individual units and aggregates. The set ensures free access to them and to the rechargeable battery.

Steering wheel
The steering is mechanical or with hydraulic power. EV 717 and EV 735 have a power steering, type XU 85-011. The power steering is powered by a gear pump, respectively type A036X or A072X, which is driven by a separate electric motor with a power of 1.25 kW. The cylinder of the power steering is placed on rubber pads, thus preventing the transmission of kickbacks from the unevenness of the road on the steering wheel. In the event of an accident in the electrical system, operation in manual mode is also possible.
Motor bridge
It is a massive cast housing, including a main bevel gear and a transitional device for attaching a traction motor. The DC motor, with sequential excitation, is designed for heavy duty operation, with 30% overload margin.

Electrical equipment
The electrical equipment is built on the principle of contactor-resistor circuit – indirect type. The traction motor operates with direct current, with sequential excitation. The five-stage command controllers for electric trucks EV 717 and EV 735 provide excellent dynamic qualities – easy and smooth starting from a place (with and without load).
The products are available with a standard armored battery:

Hydraulic system
The pressure in the working hydraulic system is provided by a separate gear pump. The volume of the oil tank is completely sufficient in case of installation of additional replacement equipment. The smooth lowering of the load is achieved with a built-in non-adjustable throttle, and the tilt speed with the help of an adjustable throttle with a non-return valve. They ensure safe lowering of the load, even in the event of a pipeline accident.
The hydraulic system is controlled by a precise three-section (in the standard version of an electric truck) or four-section distributor with a built-in safety overflow valve, providing protection against overload.

Braking system
The service brakes are drum type. They are driven hydraulically by means of a master brake cylinder and a hydraulic power steering. When the brake pedal is depressed, the traction motor is switched off, which protects it and the battery from overload.
The brakes can also be applied manually, with a lever mechanism.

Lifting system
A range of lifting systems is used for different lifting heights:
Duplex – with full working freewheeling.

Simplex – with two hydraulic cylinders and a small (transport) freewheel.

Type Capacity [kg] Lifting Height [mm]
EV 695
2800, 3300, 4000, 4200, 4500
EV 698
EV 715
EV 720

Note: Most parameters depend on the specific configuration of the loader, therefore the minimum and maximum values for such parameters are indicated. You will be able to choose a suitable complete set from the model range.

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