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Electrical tow tractors

Electrical Tow Tractors

Tow Tractors series 5 are built to increase productivity and provide the ideal horizontal transportation solution for delivering materials throughout your facility. Ideally suited for manufacturing, each of Balkancar’s electric Tow Tractors are equipped with motors for increased efficiency, runtime, and reduced maintenance, so you never have to worry about getting the job done. What if you need to attach loads of different sizes? No problem. There are multiple hitch options available that can transport a variety of different materials efficiently and easily, depending on your load size. 

Tow tractors ET series 5


ET 513.10 and ET 515.10 are equipped with complete lighting installation enabling travel on roads and streets. It can be with cabin without doors, cabin with doors and heating.

Type Towing Capacity [kg]
ET 512
ET 513
ET 515

Electrical tow tractor ET508

Mini tow tractor for usage mainly in closed spaces.
Type Towing Capacity [kg]
ET 508

Electrical platform truck EP002

Electric platform trucks with cabin for operator

These modifications can be further customised and are designed with the aim to satisfy all the needs of our clients. They may come with or without cabin, side panels, covers, tail gates, additional accessories.

Type Capacity [kg]
EP 002
EP 005
EP 012
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