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Piccolo Series

Balkancar Piccolo forklift


The all-welded steel structure, as closed as possible, provides reliable protection, free access and maintenance of individual components and assemblies of the loader, as well as the durability of the lifting machine.
The built-in instrument panel is of an automobile type, provides maximum convenience at the driver’s workplace, the placement of controls in accordance with ergonomic indicators and conditions of safe operation during operation.


The EV 687 PICCOLO control is mechanical, consists of a single-stage bevel gear, a cardan shaft and an automobile-type gearbox, built into the steering axle.
EV 687.1 PICCOLO + with hydraulic servo control. Does not have a separate energy supply; The pump motor of the main hydraulic system is used to drive a double-piston rod hydraulic cylinder integrated in the steering axle. The flow rate of the working fluid required for the hydraulic servo control is regulated by the priority valve. The hydrostatic steering of the rear wheels has a built-in pressure relief valve to protect the system in the event of external wheel impacts. In the event of a power failure, turning can be carried out without servo control.

Drive axel 

The transmission part of the axle consists of a main gear with a differential. The main gear is two-stage – the first stage with cylindrical gears, and the second with bevel gears. The half-shafts are completely unloaded.
The axis of the traction motor, which is bought directly to the bridge, is perpendicular to the axis of the bridge. The entire power unit can be removed without disassembling the lifting device

Steering axle

The connection of the steering axle to the chassis with elastic bushings ensures smooth overcoming of the track roughness. The design provides a larger angle of rotation of the steered wheels, which provides a minimum turning radius and greater maneuverability of the electric forklift


The hydraulic system is controlled by a precision three-piece or four-piece valve with an integrated safety relief valve for overload protection Smooth lowering of the load is achieved by an integrated fixed throttle, and the tilt speed is achieved using an adjustable throttle with a reverse valve

Lifting device

A range of lifting devices for different lifting heights are used

  • duplex with transport free play for H = 2200, 3100 and 3300 mm and with working free play for H = 2800 mm,
  • triplex with working free stroke for 1-1 = 4500 mm

Various types of interchangeable devices can be attached to electric forklifts (displacement carriage, gripper and others)

Brake system

New, more compact brake unit with hanging pedal allows for reduced brake pedal drive force and improves workplace ergonomics

Electrical equipment

The drive of the EV 687 PICCOLO electric forklift is performed in two electrical circuits: Contactor-resistor, with a five-stage command controller or stepless pulse control.
The built-in microprocessor-based pulse regulator “ZAPI” MOS 90 provides the ability to digitally adjust 11 of the most important parameters of an electric forklift truck using a calibrator. The controllers are equipped with a diagnostic LED that indicates nine different faults outside the controller.
In a variant version, electric forklifts are also offered with a “Curtis” impulse controller.
EV 687.1 PICCOLO + is executed with impulse regulator “Curtis”, which allows: smooth regulation of speed of movement, limitation of maximum current in electric motors; reduced energy losses; selection of the speed of rotation of the pump motor depending on various working operations; adjustment at optimum speed of hydraulic control, minimum noise level.
Rechargeable battery with a capacity of 280 Ah allows continuous operation of the truck for about 6 hours

Type Capacity [kg] Lifting Height [mm]
EV 695
2800, 3300, 4000, 4200, 4500
EV 698
EV 715
EV 720

Note: Most parameters depend on the specific configuration of the loader, therefore the minimum and maximum values for such parameters are indicated. You will be able to choose a suitable complete set from the model range.

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